Water is one of the most important things you put into your body. It’s a matter of life or death — a primary element of our existence. And, if you are unhealthy, you absolutely must drink lots of water and that water must be clean.

I have a Katadyn gravity filter which I really love. It’s done wonders for my water over the years. I’ve used it for about 15 years now. Once, when I had well water, the well water got muddy but after going through the Katadyn it was crystal clear and drinkable again.

I use the Ceradyn filters with my Katadyn because they last longer and then I have a Brita gravity filter that the water goes through after the Katadyn. This allows me to filter the water first for impurities like viruses through the ceramic Katadyn filter. The second, charcoal filter in the Brita, filters chemicals like fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals out of the water. There is now a model of Katadyn that contains both ceramic and charcoal filters but they need to be changed every 2-3 months. I do need to change the Brita filters regularly but they are not as expensive as the Katadyn filters. The ceramic filters in the Katadyn last a long time but how long depends on how much you use it.

You can see how I created this system from these two filters above. Another great aspect of this system is that you simply fill the filter with water and walk away. It’s all gravity powered.

Note also that if you look closely at the Katadyn filter, you can see how discolored the top container has become over time and how much lighter the bottom container is. The top container is where you put the tap water before it is filtered. The bottom container has the filtered water in it. It’s a pretty big difference so I’m very confident about the filtering power of the Katadyn filter.

Filtering water is very misunderstood and I did tons of research to learn how to correctly filter water to get out both bacterial contaminants as well as chemicals. Even though this system cost a bit up front, it has lasted for many years and I have never had to buy bottled water, which is often contaminated anyway. Just because it is bottled, does not mean it is clean. And, the cost of buying bottled water over the years would more than pay for this system that I know is clean.

Want to understand more fully why you shouldn’t drink bottled water? Check out this article: 5 reasons not to drink bottled water.

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