Welcome to Get Well Path 

I’ve created this site to help the millions of people worldwide that are seeking healthy alternatives to conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals. And, guess what, in my healing journey, I’ve found Source based herbs, oils and supplements to be much more powerful and beneficial than any of the drugs I’ve taken in my lifetime.

Source based remedies don’t just cover up symptoms, they actually help reverse the root cause of the problem. Getting to the root cause is something modern medicine ignores but it is the essential ingredient to freeing yourself from the pain and suffering of illness. And, what’s even better is that even if you don’t know the root cause using herbs, essential oils, supplements and healthy food will still help heal your body. Of course, your symptoms can help you pinpoint or close in on what part of your body has issues and this will help guide you to the exact remedies for you.

What are “Source based” Healing Remedies?

Anything that comes from our originating Source. Some people call it “God,” but the reference that the word “God” brings to our minds is not exactly the same. “God” is usually based on a human interpretation of a single entity that’s separate from us.

We are all products of Source energy that exists throughout the Universe. You can feel it coursing through your body. You cannot breath without it. Source is in us and all around us at all times. The entire universe as well as all plants, animals and humans come from this energy source. And, so do the healing remedies I refer to on this site.

The word ‘natural’ has been so overused and does not encompass the miraculous energy and enlightenment that Source contains. I may also sometimes speak of it as ‘Infinite Intelligence.’ It’s that intelligence that gives us that “gut feeling” when we know something is true or right or not. We all have the ability to tap into Source at any time. We do it naturally, all day, every day, even if we don’t know we are doing it. It’s part of who we are. We can’t stop it, even in death, because Source still exists and we are part of Source.

My Health Background

I’ve suffered from many ailments over the years including severe premenstrual syndrome, Hashimoto’s and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, lingering low back pain from a childhood fall, toxic poisoning, blood sugar imbalance and all of the symptoms that accompany those ailments. As I sought help through conventional medical practice, I realized that I spent quite a lot of money for treatments that never worked and, in some cases, even created more problems.

Doctors seldom spent more than a couple of minutes to make a snap judgement about what was wrong and were often incorrect. I was prescribed things like Valium because the doctor assumed it was all in my head. I self-diagnosed the PMS after at least 4 doctor visits (including specialists) when I read an article in Redbook magazine describing my problem in detail. That was in the late 1970’s. Even then, going to so-called PMS specialists, knowing what was wrong, had no effect on my health and only resulted in spending a lot of money on doctor visits and drugs that did not work.  Eventually, after about 25 years, I had a hysterectomy, which, of course, corrected the problem. But doctors and drugs could not regulate my hormones and no one ever offered a refund!

After I was poisoned by Malathion in 1996, it took 7 years for any doctor to even ask the right questions to determine what the problem was. It was about that time, that I began studying Source based healing methods and soon learned how very helpful and powerful they can be. As the saying goes “I never looked back” and to this day, I only visit a doctors office for emergencies and I avoid pharmaceutical drugs completely as well as over-the-counter drugs at local retail outlets.

Today, I have more energy than I had for the 14 years I spent searching for answers and I’ve returned to a stable, normal lifestyle.

The Future of Health and Why I Created This Site

I feel like I’ve found a secret that everyone needs to know and I want to tell the world about it. So, I have an immense passion to help others find health and wellness using Source based healing remedies and healthy food.

We live in a time where many changes are taking place on our planet, including an enlightened populace that now seek better answers than what our current medical establishment can supply. With the increased use of the Internet, people have begun to seek out better health answers in massive numbers.

As a result, healthy organic foods have become easier to acquire and more and more great supplements are coming forth to solve our health problems. Even the medical field is evolving. It’s a truly exciting time as we are now also seeing many established doctors focusing more on finding the root cause of our illness and moving away from symptomatic relief alone.

You will find that many of the suggestions made here are easy to incorporate into your daily life and are extremely powerful. Much more powerful and less toxic than the drugs you may be used to taking. The problem is that until you try them, you may not believe that last statement.

We have been brainwashed into thinking that nothing is stronger than a pharmaceutical drug but that is far from the truth. The Universe makes the most potent healing agents. It is so very ironic that most folks believe in a God, but bypass the potent agents that grow around us on this healing planet called Earth, that God created.

Our bodies were meant to be in balance at all times. All that’s required is putting the right nutrients into them and giving them ample time to heal and bounce back. Once you learn to do that, you’ll be amazed at how wonderful your life can feel every day.

Remember that you didn’t become unhealthy in a month or even a year. If you’ve been eating and living like most people do, you’ve been working on becoming unhealthy all of your life. It won’t take that long to reverse it but it might take some time. So, please remember to be patient and chart your path so you can look back at the results you’ve seen so far.

And, last but not least, never, ever give up.

To your health and happiness.

Ginger Coleen
Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant

Ginger Coleen