Pickle Jar Ferment

Fermented Vegetables are Amazingly Healthy

I just started eating fermented vegetables and I’m totally hooked. Besides providing healthy probiotics and bacteria for your body, they are preserved.┬áSo, here’s the thing. I used to buy all sorts of veggies in order to get lots of nutrients into my body. But, quite often, they would spoil in the refrigerator before I got around to eating them. And, if they didn’t spoil, they would at least be less beneficial as they aged.

Now, I ferment most of my vegetables. Not only are they healthy, but will last almost a year in my fridge. So, they don’t spoil any longer and when I eat them, I’m eating an extremely healthy food.

Hint: These fermented vegetables never stay in my fridge very long because they are sooooo yummy. Fermentation has been around for thousands of years. We just forgot what our ancestors knew so well.

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