Colorado Provides Food and Housing to Homeless Using Marijuana Tax

Marijuana tax in Colorado helps those in need.

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Pickle Jar Ferment

Fermented Vegetables are Amazingly Healthy

I just started eating fermented vegetables and I’m totally hooked. Besides providing healthy probiotics and bacteria for your body, they are preserved.┬áSo, here’s the thing. I used to buy all sorts of veggies in order to get lots of nutrients into my body. But, quite often, they would spoil in the refrigerator before I got […]

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Powerful Earthing Demonstration

tylenol toxicity

This Common Pain Killer Hospitalizes Thousands and Kills 450 Every Year

Essential Oils: Powerful, Potent Natural Healing from Mother Earth

One summer, while riding my lawn tractor, I ran it up a guy-wire. Next thing I knew I was headed for the stars. Unfortunately, gravity took over and before I knew it, I was lying flat on my back with a sideways lawn tractor, in the air, heading for my leg. I reached out and […]

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